latino millenials

According to the most recent studies by Nielsen, 25% of U.S. Millennials are Spanish-dominant Hispanics/Latinos.

Millennials are more “multicultural” than any previous generation. In the U.S., approximately 45% of that generation identify as Hispanic, African-American or Asian-American. And over a quarter of all U.S. Millennials are first-or second-generation immigrants-many of whom have strong ties to their global origins, according to “Hispanic Millennials Seek a Cultural Connection to Grocery”, a report published in April of 2016.

Check this out: the report states that “When it comes to grocery, Latino Millennials are true to their heritage, attracted by cultural touch stones of smell, taste and familiarity. At the national level, 61% of Hispanic Millennials say they have shopped at Hispanic supermarkets at least once over the past year.”

A report by Viant, the “Marketers Guide to Hispanic Millennials” (September 2017), states: “Hispanic Millennials are no longer a small sub-segment of the U.S. economy, they are a driving force.”

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