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Ever think about where your Spanish rice comes from?

Workers at Y International in Lyndhurst, NJ, repackage boxes of American food products ahead of shipments bound for the Middle East. Credit: Steven Davy/PRI Not long ago, Saveur Magazine dubbed New Jersey the most “edible state” in the country, with a food culture more rich and diverse than California or New York. A nice feather in the cap for the state. But going beyond accolades for dishes served up in restaurants, New Jersey is also working to distinguish itself as the nation’s center for the import and export of food.<!--more--> “We have nearly 2,000 food businesses in our state,” says Michelle Brown, president of Choose New Jersey, an industry-funded non-profit that tries to attract business. “We have more than 190 world headquarters of food companies in our state.” One of…
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Food Facts and the Latino Market

By the year 2040, Latinos are projected to account for 30.2% of the total US population (124 million) up from 16% in 2010 (2013 US Census Report). From year 2000 to 2015, the Latino population rose 60% to 57 million. (2015 US Census Report) In 2013, one out of every 4 new births in the US occurred in Latino families. (2013 US Census Report) In 2016, Latino purchasing power represented $1.7 trillion dollars,  up from $489 billion in 2000.  (Selig Center for Economic Growth) In 2017, the U.S. Latino purchasing power is bigger than the individual economies of </strong><strong>Russia, India, Spain or Italy. The average Latino household percentage of income spent on groceries is 29% higher than non-Latino households. (2013 NPD Group Report). Food Facts (2013 IRI report: “Changing Demographics…
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Latinos to Increase Their Spending in Foodservice

A new study by Technomic, shows that, with incomes raising, Latinos are visiting restaurants more often, and broadening the types of restaurants they visit. The study found: ---62% of Latinos expect their personal financial situation to improve next year. ---54% of Spanish-dominant Latinos say they are now more likely to visit restaurants compared to 2015 Latinos in the U.S. boast a purchasing power of close to $2 trillion USD, bigger than some of the largest economies in the world. The study is available at
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NEW PARTNER: SudAmerica Business Group

Newark, NJ.—Bill Colón, CEO of the World of the Latino Cuisine announced a partnership with SudAmerica Business Group to promote and market the trade show outside of the United States. “We are extremely pleased to announce we have reached an agreement with Sudamerica Business Group, as our exclusive marketing partner in South America, the Caribbean, Central America and Europe for the trade show. This action will add a great marketing arm to our efforts and will ensure our growth”, said Mr. Colón. The SudAmerica Business Group publishes an online business publication. This fine publication is active in 32 countries covering South &amp; Central America, the Caribbean and Europe. Right now the publication offering special advertising rates for companies exhibiting at the trade show. All companies, however, are welcome to…
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