Food Facts of the Latino Market

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By the year 2040, Latinos are projected to account for 30.2% of the total US population (124 million) up from 16% in 2010 (2013 US Census Report).

From year 2000 to 2015, the Latino population rose 60% to 57 million. (2015 US Census Report)

In 2013, one out of every 4 new births in the US occurred in Latino families. (2013 US Census Report)

In 2016, Latino purchasing power represented $1.7 trillion dollars,  up from $489 billion in 2000.  (Selig Center for Economic Growth)

In 2017, the U.S. Latino purchasing power is bigger than the individual economies of </strong><strong>Russia, India, Spain or Italy.

The average Latino household percentage of income spent on groceries is 29% higher than non-Latino households. (2013 NPD Group Report).

Food Facts (2013 IRI report: “Changing Demographics creates Major Changes in Food Purchases”

• Salsa is the number one selling condiment in the world, and outsells ketchup 2 to 1
• Tortillas outsell both hotdog and hamburger buns combined
• Tacos and burritos are no longer considered ethnic, and have become as main stream as pizza and spaghetti to the general American public
• Tortilla chips outsell potato chips